Tech Connect Live: 09/13

We are happy to announce that on September 13th, CyberFortress will be attending Tech Connect Live at the RDS Arena in Dublin, Ireland. At the event, CEO Bret Piatt will be presenting at 10am on the topic, “Security Implications from the Rise of the Machines”


In “Security Implications from the Rise of the Machines,” CyberFortress CEO Bret Piatt draws on decades of R&D and cyber leadership to show how AI and ML are giving bad actors an early advantage when carrying out attacks. He’ll discuss how hackers use the technology to expedite time-consuming processes and maximize damage before being discovered. He’ll examine cyber changes in key areas from hackbots to social media phishing. Most importantly, Piatt will illustrate how companies can effectively defend against threats with AI/ML powered tools of their own, training, re-platforming security ops, rapid patching and more. 


Tech Connect Live is Ireland’s largest annual business and technology exhibition for Micro, SME and Enterprise level companies. The event, which is supported by Ibec and the Small Firms Association (SFA) creates a marketplace for a wide range of SMEs experiencing rapid growth. It’s estimated that SME’s account for 99.8 percent of all active businesses here in Ireland.


Click here to register for the event.

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